Who We Are

About us

The “Dialogue Foundation brings together renowned experts from across the world who have dedicated life and career to helping people overcome disagreements and resolve disputes. They have held offices in prominent international institutions, worked for multinational corporations, advised governments and legislatures, been high court justices and judges, taught at prestigious universities, and distinguished themselves in the practice of mediation globally.
The experts of the Dialogue Foundation share a grand vision: to see people and organizations worldwide communicate and interact more effectively when dealing with conflict. With unrivaled global experience, ingenious innovations, and flexible methods, the Dialogue Foundation can make this vision a reality.

How We Work

As an independent and neutral organization, the Dialogue Foundation can help in any kind of challenging disputes. It can also support the work of similar entities: it will respond with agility and effectiveness by complementing the resources of all types of organizations, be they public or private, large or small. The Dialogue Foundation’s non-profit status allows flexibility in the structure and approach adopted, depending on the circumstances, and ensures that funding is entirely devoted to achieving its objectives.

Our People

Support Team
Federica Simonelli
Carla Bohn
Gustavo Vieira Silva
Alice Wilshire
Christopher Lungole
Akyl Kaplanbek
Bibi Polatova