Marcello Marinari

Marcello Marinari is a former member of the Italian Judiciary, as he served – for more than 30 years, on various offices at district and circuit level (including the High Court of Appeals of Milan). He is the co-founder and former President of the steering committee of the first Italian court-mandated mediation scheme, the Project Progettoconciliamo, encouraging judicial conciliation in the Milan Circuit, as early as September 2008. Along with lecturing for more than 10 years on ADR at the University of Florence, since the end of the 90s, he was selected as a trainer for Italian judges by the Superior Council of the Italian Judiciary in various courses, both at the national and regional levels on ADR and related issues:
After retiring and going back to private practice as a lawyer and arbitrator, and qualifying as a civil and commercial mediator, Mr. Marinari started training mediators at ADR Center, Rome, and is also currently presiding over the Bologna Section of the Banking and Financial Arbitration Court for Banca d’Italia. He is a prolific author of numerous publications on comparative civil procedure, with particular emphasis on the English procedural system. In the Dialogue Through Conflict Foundation, he will serve as a Scientific Advisor.