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About us

The Dialogue Foundation brings together renowned experts from across the world who have dedicated life and career to helping people overcome disagreements and resolve disputes. They have held offices in prominent international institutions, worked for multinational corporations, advised governments and legislatures, been high court justices and judges, taught at prestigious universities, and distinguished themselves in the practice of mediation globally.

Our Mission

The Dialogue Foundation aims to help society—at all levels—deal with the extreme polarization that affects us all daily. Television programs and social media exude lack of civility and vitriolic attacks; members of private, public, and governmental organizations struggle to work together; and finding common ground in any political discourse or international negotiation seems an impossible task.

Why Better Dialogue Is Needed

Various organizations are working tirelessly to change the way conflicts are managed, but more is needed. At the intergovernmental level, for example, the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes among its goals to ensure “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.” However, such a bold agenda can only succeed if we learn to manage conflicts around the world as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our People

Having dedicated life and career to helping people overcome disagreements and resolve disputes, renowned experts from across the world, with unparalleled work histories, share a grand vision: to see more people and organizations worldwide communicate and interact more effectively when dealing with conflict.

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