Everyday Challenging Conversations Made Better (e-course)

Online Training

Do you want to know how to communicate better?

Do you want to speak honestly and receive feedback in a constructive and productive manner?

Everyone has to deal with emotionally charged conversations, whether professional or personal. People often tend to refrain from engaging in difficult conversations, which results in the problems simply growing bigger. Everyday Challenging Conversations Made Better focuses on practical approaches to key aspects of communication and fundamental human concerns, giving you an opportunity to learn powerful ways of turning challenging conversations into productive ones, be it professional or personal.

This course is composed of two modules. The first is The Mind of the Communicator. Using communication models, this module explains existing obstacles for colleagues to understand one another- and how that impacts our professional work environments. With these frameworks in mind, in the second module, Effective Communication in Action we go into detail on how to transform otherwise challenging conversations into learning conversations through listening, inquiry and speaking.


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