Shadows Unveiled: Navigating Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Dark Web

Media Programs

ResolveTalks – Episode 2

18 March 2024, 6:15 – 7:30 p.m. Hong Kong

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Join us for another enlightening discussion moderated by ResolveTalks creator Giuseppe De Palo as we explore the intricate ecosystem of the Dark Web’s dispute resolution mechanisms. This groundbreaking program, introduced by Shahla Ali (The University of Hong Kong), promises to be an invaluable opportunity to delve into the depths of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within the clandestine markets of the Dark Web.

Pablo Cortes (University of Leicester) will lead the discussion, offering surprising insights into the innovative methods employed to foster trust and resolve disputes within this enigmatic community. Pablo will present findings from his forthcoming paper, shedding light on the evolving landscape of Dark Web transactions and the transformative impact of ADR systems.

Patrick Burke (Chief Data & Privacy Officer, Havas North America) will discuss the implications of cryptocurrencies in the Dark Web, highlighting both advantages and challenges such as enhanced trackability compared to fiat currency but also the difficulties in identifying ownership and the use of various techniques to obfuscate transactions.

Joseph V. DeMarco (DeMarco Law, PLLC), former head of the cybercrimes program at the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, will help understand the clandestine networks, emerging threats, and legal complexities within the obscured realms of cybercrime.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain unique insights as we unravel the complexities of justice in the shadows.