Mastering Complex Negotiations (Dubai, 4 July 2024)

In-person Training

Mastering Complex Negotiations (MCN)

Experience the transformative MCN training program—an action-packed and thrilling journey in complex commercial negotiation led by a distinguished international faculty renowned for their multicultural and multisector expertise.

Designed for company managers and professionals eager to enhance their negotiation skills, MCN offers a unique blend of theory and practical application, challenging participants to master cross-cultural dimensions and navigate complex deal-making scenarios with confidence.

The morning session focuses on the critical yet often overlooked aspect of cross-cultural competency in international negotiations. Participants are equipped with a robust framework for navigating deal-making across cultures and given the opportunity to immediately apply their learnings under the supervision of the trainers.

In the afternoon session, participants put all their skills to the test in a simulated negotiation of a highly intricate case. This hands-on experience is followed by constructive feedback sessions featuring video and live demonstrations of effective negotiation strategies by seasoned professionals.

As an integral part of the program, participants receive complimentary access to the online interactive course ‘Cultural Diversity and its Impact on Conflict and Communication’, enriching their understanding of cross-cultural dynamics in negotiation.

To enroll in MCN, candidates must demonstrate evidence of sufficient professional negotiation experience, ensuring a cohort of qualified participants ready to embark on this truly transformative learning journey.


Lead Trainers: Giuseppe De Palo, David Talbot*

Distinguished Presenter*: Ehab Elsonbaty


1-day registration: USD 1,375    /  Early Bird: USD 975 (until June 7, 2024)

For information and registrations:


* Participating remotely.

** All trainers and presenters generously contribute their sought-after expertise pro bono to support the charitable initiatives of the DTC Foundation. By participating in this course, attendees not only receive exceptional value for their advanced education but also support, and connect to, a global network of experts dedicated to the mission of empowering people, organizations, and governments to reach their full potential through more constructive interactions.