Advanced Mediation Principles and Skills (Dubai, 7 July 2024)

In-person Training

Advanced Mediation Principles and Skills [AMPS]

AMPS offers an exhilarating deep dive into advanced mediation techniques, demonstrated by renowned international experts with practical experience around the globe. Designed for mediators aiming to elevate their proficiency, this very intense one-day program provides busy professionals with actionable insights and skills to navigate the complexities of mediation effectively.

The morning session begins immediately with a complex simulated mediation, followed by constructive feedback sessions and video analysis of experienced practitioners’ working on that very same case, thus allowing comparison and impactful learning.

The first part of the afternoon session starts tackling ethical dilemmas mediators are bound to face as their practice grows.  Participants learn ethical decision-making skills through case studies and live demonstrations. In the second part of the afternoon, strategies for breaking deadlock and facilitating agreements are explored, empowering mediators to navigate challenging scenarios with both integrity and efficacy.

Additionally, participants receive complimentary access to the online, interactive course Cultural Diversity and its Impact on Conflict and Communication, enhancing their understanding of cross-cultural dynamics in mediation.

AMPS is designed and reserved for participants who have completed a basic mediation training and ideally possess some mediation experience, including serving as counsel in mediation proceedings.

Lead Trainers: Giuseppe De Palo, James Coben*

Distinguished Presenters*: Lela Love*, Emad Hussein


USD 1,150  /  Early Bird: USD 850 (until June 3, 2024)

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* Participating remotely.

** All trainers and presenters generously contribute their sought-after expertise pro bono to support the charitable initiatives of the DTC Foundation. By participating in this course, attendees not only receive exceptional value for their advanced education but also support, and connect to, a global network of experts dedicated to the mission of empowering people, organizations, and governments to reach their full potential through more constructive interactions.